My first priority as a teacher is to create an inclusive learning community where all students can thrive. I try to always lead with compassion and a deep sense that both what we are learning and how we are learning matters. I structure my courses so that my diverse students can see themselves reflected in the material and have low-stakes opportunities to develop skills needed to do well in the course. I also employ specific pedagogical techniques to ensure that students feel comfortable contributing and have practice integrating knowledge from our class into the rest of their lives. These strategies combine to create a learning environment where students will gain the skills and confidence to succeed in college and beyond.

Publications about Teaching

With Care and Context,” Hybrid Pedagogy, June 17, 2021. In this article, I reflect on viewing lynching photographs as an undergraduate student and how my thinking about the merits of teaching with such images has evolved over time.

Sample Syllabi

This is the syllabus I used for “American History Since 1865,” a course I taught at the University of Virginia during the summer of 2021.


For my previous teaching experience, see my curriculum vitae.

Courses I am Prepared to Teach


American History since 1865

Introduction to American Studies

History of American Religion

Christian America?

US History Since 1945

Doing Digital History

Sounding America


History of American Religion

Twentieth Century US Social and Cultural History

Pedagogy and Power