Giving Tuesday with the Presbyterian Historical Society

In 2020, I was chosen to receive a $2,500 Research Fellowship grant from the Presbyterian Historical Society. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic delayed my trip to the archive. Thankfully, I was able to use my research funds to request digital scans that were essential for writing my dissertation. I completed my long-anticipated trip to the archive in January 2022.

This past week, I participated in a panel discussion with other grant recipients to talk about my research and the impact of the PHS fellowship. You can read an article about the event or watch a recording of the event. Perhaps most importantly, be sure to support the Presbyterian Historical Society and other libraries and archives this Giving Tuesday!

Screenshot of the PHS LIVE webinar. Clockwise, starting in left corner: PHS Communications Associate McKenna Britton, Dr. Reuben Loffman, Dr. Paul Putz, Sopanit Angusingha, and Dr. Connor Kenaston